A disgraced hero, an impossible mission, an object of desire.

Saul Davis, fresh out of a stint in prison, wants to rebuild his karma. But this scam artist has found himself working as a psychic consultant for LAPD detectives. When a woman painted in gold is found murdered at a luxury home in Benedict Canyon, the police look to Saul for answers. It's a ritual murder, but signifying what? Is this Saul's chance to redeem himself, or will he fall into his old hustling ways?

This is the first fascicle of the Zodiac Rising serial novella.



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Zodiac Rising Series

About The Author

author Arthur Bainwright

Arthur Bainwright is a master of astrology and the occult.

This is not his photo. Mr. Bainwright is jealous of his privacy and no one at Etheridge Press has ever spoken with him. This is all we know, but we do love his books.

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