January 2021
Lake Lodestone Writers' Retreat

Meet Our Writers

After a nationwide search, we've invited nine talented, undiscovered writers to participate in an intensive month-long writing retreat guided by the esteemed author of the Phasmophilia series M.K. Rockford and the elusive author of the Zodiac Rising series Arthur Bainwright.

Cynthia Downes

Speculative Fiction

Doug Mundy

Contemporary Fiction

Susan Graves

American Fiction

Lauren Kastwin


Kathleen Smith

Regency Romance

Oliver Iles


Bryson Paul


Antoine Knowles

Sea Stories

Wendy Winfield

Family Life Fiction

We'd like to thank Dale Hitchcock, director of Camp Kilteree in Bemidji, MN for hosting us this winter and Robbie Luttrell for living in isolation with these creative beasts to cook the meals that will keep our writers going.


All the writers will benefit from the expertise of Ms. Rockford and Mr. Bainwright and a month of solitude to focus on their craft. In addition, at the end of the retreat, one author will be selected by Diane Etheridge to receive a publishing contract.

Celebrity Authors

Arthur Bainwright and M.K. Rockford

Arthur Bainwright, author of Zodiac Rising series
Millicent Rockford, author of the Phasmophilia series

Arthur Bainwright, author of the Zodiac Rising Series, is a master of astrology and the occult.

M.K. Rockford is the author of the Phasmophilia series that captivated readers in the 1980s. The series will be rereleased by Etheridge Press for a new generation of readers.


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