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New Release: Some Day, Maybe Next Week

New Release: Some Day, Maybe Next Week

The sci-fi short story Some Day, Maybe Next Week launches today.

Some move for the beach life to British Columbia, some roam the planet via yacht or RV. Sam and I bought a spaceship. How romantic, I thought, to travel through space together.

The author, Jen Watkins, pictured here on her sailboat, is an adventurer herself.


Jen lives on a gentleman’s farm in Santa Fe, NM among a plethora of backyard fowl and beasts. Tired of the nine-to-five hustle, she left on an adventure spent learning to sail on the S/V Red Herring. She traveled over 5,000 nautical miles up into the wilds of British Columbia and through Pacific Mexico. Her writing career began while living aboard.

I want to welcome Jen to Etheridge Press. She is a writer to watch. We are looking forward to publishing her debut full-length novel soon.

For more, check out Jen’s author inspiration Pinterest board.

Some Day, Maybe Next Week by Jen Watkins

The air is running out. Her husband isn’t responding…

In the future, instead of buying yachts, wealthy retired couples buy spaceships and launch into the unknown on a one-way adventure. From Earth, it seems a romantic voyage. The reality is much harsher. Those first months, the challenge was simply to stay positive in an isolated and cramped environment. But the crises are mounting and Rosalyn wonders why she is fighting so hard to stay alive.

Because no situation is hopeless.

A 15-minute one-sitting read that will stick with you.


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