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New Release: The Sneeze Thief

New Release: The Sneeze Thief

THE SNEEZE THIEF, a children’s picture book for ages 4-8 with a public health hook, teaches children to sneeze in the crook of their sleeve through silly rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

The book is available exclusively through Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

The cufflinks adorning the ends of his sleeveses are where the man captures unsneezed sneezes.


The author, Caitlin Watkins, is a Northern Michigander (once Chicagoan) with a passion for health, hygiene, and good living. She’s been called the Kanye West of her generation.

Here at Etheridge Press, we are delighted to announce the publication of our first children’s book. I hope that this is the first of many more to come for Etheridge Press and from the outstanding creative team of Caitlin Watkins and Fauzia Salma.

THE SNEEZE THIEF is set among the landmarks of Chicago which you can see in Caitlin’s author inspiration Pinterest board.

The Sneeze Thief written by Caitlin Watkins, illustrated by Fauzia Salma

Teaching Children to Sneeze Into Their Sleeves

A mysterious figure whose face is hidden in the crook of his arm is stealing people’s sneezes before they can be sneezed! Everyone’s noses are out of joint. The man will return all sneezes and their accompanying satisfaction if people will cover their sneezes with the crook of their arm to stop the spread of germs. The city of Chicago is driven mad by needing to sneeze without relief until a child suggests that they oblige. The sneezes are returned and new habits are formed.

A rhyming story book for ages 4-8 with a public health hook that shows how to sneeze into the crook of your elbow, THE SNEEZE THIEF is sure to ignite a sense of delight in what used to be a bore of a chore!


  • Children’s Picture Book
  • 13 pages
  • ebook
  • December 2020
  • Caitlin Watkins, Fauzia Salma

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