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New Release: Return to Shark Caye

New Release: Return to Shark Caye

Tropical islands, a shipwreck, a long-lost treasure, and lots of rum punches: your escapist summer read is here. And it's a retro story style in a modern interactive ebook.

Your waiter arrives, bringing a note along with your next rum punch. You read the first line: “I urgently require your assistance.” You smile assuming the rest will be a plea from a lonely vacationing housewife for a field trip she will not be putting in her scrapbook. That is the kind of note the young Eagle Tempestro would receive. But this note does not go on to mention assignations, longing, or loins. This note mentions a mission.

Jen Watkins

The author, Jen Watkins, was inspired by her vacation spent sailing, SCUBA diving, caving, and getting rug burn on the El Diablo waterslide with her sister in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

For some more tropical flavor, check out Jen’s author inspiration Pinterest board.

Return to Shark Caye by Jen Watkins

It’s time for this washed-up adventurer to revive his pluck.

Your name is Eagle Tempestro. You’re an adventure-loving ex-pat cooling your jets on a Belizean beach. You receive a note with a mission to return to the site of your greatest failure. What do you do?


  • Interactive Novella
  • 92 pages
  • ebook
  • August 2020
  • Jen Watkins

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