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NaNoWriMo Is Over. Now What?

NaNoWriMo Is Over. Now What?

So you nailed this year’s NaNoWriMo. You stuck to your daily writing goal and will type the last paragraphs of your manuscript tomorrow. Congratulations! Developing a consistent writing practice is a major step toward becoming an author. But without a program like NaNoWriMo to guide you, the next steps can be bewildering.

If you’re interested what happens when you’ve committed to writing and publishing a novel, Etheridge Press has put together a quick resource to outline the path from idea to book and from book to sales.

[The Etheridge Press Empowered Writer’s Checklist] (https://www.etheridgepress.com/checklist)

We outline the high-level process and suggest some tools, apps, and services that will aid you in your journey.

It’s not a complete list, but it sketches out a path if you finished your manuscript and want to take the next step.

I hope November was the month you found your voice and reached your creative goals. And I hope Etheridge Press helps set you on your author’s path.